Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Frfuggitivi: Belgian Beer Day, Paris-Roubaix & Croquettes aux crevettes

It's Belgian Beer Day!
All Photos: Mario Bartel

This past Saturday evening our Frfuggitivi squad officially launched the start of the 2013 season; enjoying Belgian Beer Day, talking Paris-Roubaix, meeting new riders and having a good time at Spud Shack in New Westminster.

The discussion was mainly about our upcoming season, new routes and Sunday's Classic. In my opinion, one Belgian beer stood out... Tripel Karmeliet. A yeasty fruity Belgian that smacked with 8.4% goodness. The lovely hostess behind the bar mentioned with every purchase of this tasty malty beer a special glass is included. What an incentive!


John asked me a Paris-Roubaix question that I had difficulty answering. No, I had not started to drink the Belgian bombshell beer, so I was clear of mind when he asked me, he goes...

'Peter Van Petegem and Johan Museeuw both wore the Domo jerseys to victory, who was the third rider, of the same team, to win Roubaix?'

I didn't know, even Guy couldn't answer the question. I'll let you our faithful reader ponder this, I won't reveal the answer yet... I'll give you a chance. Now, no looking it up online!

The Spudshack crew deserves our Thanks for their hospitality, great beers and tasty Kroketten/croquettes. I looked it up online afterwards and it's Belgian filled with shrimp - garnaalkroketten/croquettes aux crevettes.  Our Frfuggitivi squad are planning a summit ride in the Northshore mountains and that means I better get in shape.

Before this happens, it's time for another beer... Prost!

Ok, give up? Here's the answer.


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