Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Season 2, Stage 4: A Giro Tribute

This is a very special Giro edition.

Not only do we celebrate the history of this great Grand Tour, we also pay homage to the untimely death of Wouter Weylandt. This race will continue despite the tragedy and the withdrawal of the Leopard Trek team. I only wished for the team to stay riding to the memory of Weylandt but they have left including Garmin Cervelo's Tyler Farrar.

Unfortunately, tragic deaths occur in this most beautiful and dangerous sport. It's part and parcel of bicycle racing and has to be accepted.

We are very pleased to introduce our newest supporter; Bill & Carol McGann who wrote, 'The Story of the Giro d'Italia Volume One: 1909-1970'. They are very kind to send us a copy and looking through it I was impressed with the depth of detail information of this race. If there's only one comprehensive English book on the Giro then this has to be it.

And, Guy presents his book review, 'In Pursuit of Stardom. Les Nomades du Velo Anglais' by Tony Hewson. Three British riders in the Fifties that go seeking fame and fortune in European bicycle racing. It sure sounds like a tantalizing read.

We eventually return to the Giro and share some interesting battles from its illustrious past; Roche & Visentini, Moser & Fignon, Hampsten & the infamous Gavia Pass.

And, as a fitting tribute today we toast with a Belgian beer to a fallen Belgian rider who will not be forgotten!


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