Thursday, November 29, 2012

Season 3 Stage 9: The Special Christmas Podcast

Without further delay, Guy and I are back to celebrate with the season finale; The Special Christmas Podcast!

The cycling season may be over... but not for us. Ride with us on our last podcast before the holidays, that means we have tons to talk about and show.

With the Christmas season fast approaching, that means we are ready with a quick review on some of our favorite cycling books. It's quite the list here it is...

1. The Time-Crunched Cyclist, Chris Carmichael & Jim Rutberg.
2. Rough Ride, Paul Kimmage
3. The Enlightened Cyclist, Bike Snob NYC
4. Argyle Armada, Mark Johnson
5. Road To Valor, Aili & Andres McConnon
6. Kings of the Road, Rob McGowan

We would like thank our sponsors: RoadHolland (finely made cycling jerseys) and Red Dots Cycling (fine handmade winter cycling caps).

Did I say the cycling season is over? Well, not exactly. Guy and I have our favorite highlights from this busy, at times, controversial season. And, what better way to toast our season ending podcast with a special local beer.

Enjoy our ride ... one more time and HEARTY THANKS to everyone for supporting Bikes, Books, Beers throughout this season. We will be back next season...


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