Sunday, August 19, 2012

Running of Movistar

Indurain cheers for 'Roja' Castroveijo.
photo: grahamwatson

Movistar rode a scorching team time trail to win the opening stage of the 62nd Vuelta.

Scorching was the evening race held in temperatures in the late 30's on the famous Pamplona roads for the running of the bulls. Thankfully no bulls here, only riders.

It was so hot, after completing the race, riders sat with ice vests on to cool down.

Picturesque it was on the ancient streets of Pamplona ending in the bull stadium. Not picturesque for the TTT machine, Garmin-Sharp as Koldo Fernandez hit the deck bringing down Thomas Dekker and Michel Kreder con a roundabout. If that wasn't enough, two men already trailed and during a TTT the fifth man over the line counts.

Movistar is the star, at the moment, and Jonathan Castroveijo puts on the Roja jersey!

Running into the bull ring.
photo: Sirotti

1. Movistar: 18:51
2. Rabobank: 0:10
3. Omega: 0:10

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