Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Riding with the Peloton

The leader... Fausto Coppi.

After Sunday's 56km ride with our newly formed, FR Fuggitivi group (now numbering 7 members) I returned home with a gift from Guy. When I opened the package I found the newest issue from Paved (I'll have it for the upcoming Stage 5 Podcast) and four issues of Peloton.

I just finished reading some of the absorbing articles and there's many here to feed my cycling appetite. Issue #4 is all things Italian acting like a homing beacon for my inner Italian. Fitting, because we're in Giro time. I don't have a problem reading old issues, I rather enjoy it as there is plenty of content for future posts.

Fausto Coppi is legendary and adorns the front cover looking very much like a Roman Emperor... regal and untouchable.

Coppi is just the Italian lure to bring you into the passion of Italian cycling. There's food, drink (vino) and espresso to covet the foodie (who isn't?) but the true passion is on two wheels. Do you know the Italian word for masseur? It's massaggiatore!

Campagnolo, Milani, Colnago, De Rosa, Sidi, Castelli, Wilier ... it's like the fantastic figures from a wonderous Fellini movie!


Another Italian legend... Sidi.

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