Saturday, April 28, 2012

Season 3 Stage 4: Forza Giro!

We welcome you all back with stage 4 and Guy is absolutely right when he says, "We have tons to talk about!"

We're leaving the exciting Classics, and boy was it ever exciting, and direct our attention to the first Grand Tour of the season... the Giro d'italia!

Our 100km ride was incredible and after the ride I'm proudly sporting the newest jersey from our friends at Road Holland. Guy will let you know the story behind his new jersey, too. And, chapeau to Red Dots Cycling for the latest and amazing handmade cycling caps; Paris-Roubaix and La Francaise.

Of course, we can't quite leave behind the Classics, as we talk about Liege-Bastonge-Liege and Astana's sudden successful performance.

We have books galore... Guy reviews the newest book on the Cannibal and the other Belgian star, Philippe Gilbert! Did you know Merckx had many other nicknames? Find out!

Our trusty fridge beckons! And, there's a new local beer we'll sample from Lighthouse Brewing.

This time is ...Giro Time! The all so exciting, encompassing and passionate (like a Italian opera) race starts in ...Denmark, May 5th. And, I dust off and pull out from my trusty closet the ESTA THE banner, sent to me from my friend Steve. Grazie Mille Steve! And, to know it will be up for atleast the next 4 weeks leaves me smiling. 

At this time, only a few teams has sent their provisional list and I have my picks for Team SKY and GreenEDGE. Two local boys will be riding for the Aussie team, and it may be ripe conditions for stage victories. 

Red Dots Cycling is proudly making the Colombian Sombreros cycling caps for Cycling Inquistion, and I want to thank Klaus for sending me a few trinkets of my favorite Colombian riders.

Sit back and get ready for our ride ...Enjoy!

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  1. Another great podcast guys. Looking forward to the Giro now!