Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Ultimate Rouleur

Hard work deserves a hard finish!

Jens Voigt and Luis Leon Sanchez were the strongest riders in stage 6 to Sisteron and it came right down between the two to decide.

Both riders are recognized for their panache and for Voigt (40 years old) and former 2009 PN winner, Sanchez (28) it was a matter of time (last km) before the peloton would catch up. They never could so a beautiful end to the stage unfolded.

As a Jens fan, I was cheering him on to win but the superb Sanchez was too crafty winning by inches from the brave Jens Voigt.

Jens, affable as he always is, said, "I knew it wouldn't be easy against Sanchez. But it's better to have a little chance than no chance. It would be better to win of course. That would be the cherry on the cake. Or maybe the icing of the cake."

What a fantastic win it would be for the ultimate rouleur and probably the rider with the most positive attitude in the peloton, he tried hard but didn't win ... adding to the heroic legacy of the great Jensie!


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