Saturday, March 24, 2012

Season 3, Stage 3: Kings of Pave

We're at the early part of this cycling season and our attention is to the action packed world of the Belgian classic races.

The ancient cobbles (kasseien) is what the riders generally ride on; twisted, battered and misshapen as a result from time, weather and war. What the Belgians did so well was celebrate the fundamental kasseien with brutal cycle racing. The historical classics, some over 100 years old, are eagerly raced year after year.

Normal cool temps with typical crosswinds and rain sometimes snow is what the riders also have to contend with. The fans know, to ride 200kms or more in this stadium of pain... the riders are revered.

Guy and I love this world of the classics where the ancient cobbles must be conquered. Some riders fail and are crushed by it but there is always the strongmen who can ride relentlessly over the pave.

Of course, not all great single day races are pave driven. We look back on one of our favorite races; La Primavera.

We like to thank our supporter, Velopress for the amazing new book, Argyle Armada by Mark Johson. Guy has his review.

And our thanks again to Road Holland for the Hilversum Jersey.

Of course, we love our beer and we indulge with one of Belgium's most famous Trappist beer... here's a video link.

Red Dots Cycling has, once again, provided us with the wonderful cycling caps: M:  25 (celebrating Richard's 25 year old Marinoni) and a striking new prototype cap.

And, we are happy to announce a contest for one lucky viewer to win the book, What A Ride by Rupert Guinness. Guy's review here.

We review tomorrow's Gent-Wevelgem. Can it be Boonen or Cancellara or maybe someone else?

Most certainly, a rider will be called a hero and ...crowned king of the pave!

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Good Luck!


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