Saturday, January 21, 2012

Season 3, Stage 1: A New Cycling Season

The new season starts with
a malted Belgian beer... Just saying!

It maybe Winter in Canada, but a brand new cycling season began!

Well, Guy and I are happy to be back with our Third Season, Stage 1 of the 3b's Podcast!

After a brief time off we start off the new season, with a special Belgian beer and discuss the Santo's Tour Down Under. As I write, the final stage 6 is ongoing and hard to believe this stage race is almost over. Who dares say that Andre Greipel is not a dangerous sprinter? He's already master three stages and looks like he's on form for a good season. A new fresh start with Lotto-Belisol looks to be all systems GO! for the swift German.

Why does Belgium equal beer/cycling? It's in their malted roots and we're happy about that...

A couple of Spanish riders come back into the spotlight; Oscar The Cat came back Freire (stage 4 winner) and Alejandro Valverde. Valverde is back from his 2 year suspension and seems none the worst for his time off, winning stage 5.

Noteworthy, we're both wearing two handmade cycling caps by Galstudio. Guy wears the Routier and I'm wearing the Spanish Lover. Will it be the year of the Spanish? Time will tell.

I happily present the excellent and inspirational book, "It's All About The Bike," by avid British cyclist, Robert Penn. A journey about a rider and his love affair with cycling and the journey to build his dream bike. We may envy him but we do understand his love for the bike. Thanks to Hans for lending me this fine book. And, hearty thanks to PavedMagazine for the excellent Winter issue.

Guy talks about the cycling author, John Wilcockson's career as a journalist starting with the 1968 Tour de France. That must be a record. I first followed Pro Cycling in the early eighties remembering seeing a youthful looking Wilcockson at the finish line, pen and paper in hand, running to interview the stage winners.

We both agree with the Italians that the season really gets under way with Milan San Remo. And we discuss who may on form to win the Primavera.

Have a seat, kick back and join us on our first ride of Season 3: A New Cycling Season!


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  2. Cheers Jacqueline! We decided to follow both and thanks for following!

  3. Look forward to reading about all of your exploits, and thank you for joining both blogs! Happy cycling boys!