Sunday, January 08, 2012

Marinoni Medium Blue ...Gone?

My True Blue 1987 Marinoni.
Image: Courtesy Hans Sipma via CyclingArt

My beautifully restored 1987 steel lugged Marinoni may've turned into a collector's item terms of the medium blue color.

I discovered on the Marinoni website (here), they no longer offer the frame color: medium blue. I don't know why they pulled the plug on this classic gorgeous color especially it's so fashionable right now. 

I looked to the unique Italian Ferretti cycling team from 1969-1973 for inspiration. That unique Ferretti blue was my color choice. The classy De Rosa was the bike choice badged with Ferretti wrapped in that eye-catching medium blue. You can read all about here.

Sadly, Marinoni appears to have discontinued the color, however I'm very happy to have it done before the color change and proud to ride the medium blue!


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