Thursday, June 30, 2011

On Tour

Bradley Wiggins, photos by Scott Mitchell

This release was not well publicized in North America but is well worth checking out. Anyone who read Bradley Wiggins' autobiography, In Pursuit of Glory, will know that he is an interesting character and a thoughtful writer. This book covers his somewhat disastrous Tour de France campaign in 2010. He'd just moved from Garmin-Slipstream to the UK-based Team Sky, amid much fanfare and after his very impressive 4th place in the 2009 Tour.

But his 2010 race did not go to plan and Wiggins documents this in an open and honest way in the book (primarily blaming a Giro that was too tough, and not enough altitude training). To add colour - in this case black and white - a "fellow mod" and friend Scott Mitchell provides some stunning photographs to go with the prose. The overall style of the book is a little 'Le Metier' but Mitchell, who is not normally a sports photag, has a different eye for the action that adds a new visual element.

With the 2011 Tour starting just this weekend, Wiggins must surely be feeling more confident - his Dauphine victory and now a British road-race title. David Millar has said that a podium position is probably out of reach, but that remains to be seen. Perhaps we'll be able to read all about it in another 'on tour' book next year.


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