Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Clean Bottle

Having recently received my new Marinoni, I thought it symbolic on my maiden voyage to use the new Clean Bottle.

Fitting well on my new bottle cage (see image above) it never had any desire to slip out. And importantly, for me, is how well the water stays in the bottle. I've had previous bottles that leaked. Not for the Clean Bottle, it has an inner silicone seal on both caps for a solid non-leaking fit.

The bottle has a secure nozzle. Again, no leaks. The real feature is it's two caps, top and bottom. Bottom line: easy to clean the gunk that sometimes forms on the bottom (true if you forget to rinse it out). And, also the plastic is 'BPA free' so no after taste of plastic. 

I find it slightly hard to squeeze and probably too heavy for racing but for my next commute or training ride .... it's the Clean Bottle! 


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